What is vector art?

What is Vector Art?

A vector image is basically a graphic image that is defined by colors, shapes, lines and other visual qualities. (A vector image is not the same as a bitmap graphic image).

You see vector art countless times every single day. Consider the sign you just drove by, the image a company uses as part of its logo or the heading of a newsletter you just received via email. Different types of programs are used to create vector art. Some of these include CorelDRAW, Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Vector art is as limitless as the human imagination and can be very powerful when used in a presentation, on a company website or other marketing material. By creating or purchasing an original piece of vector art, you can express exactly what you want to convey through an image and vector art is a great alternative to traditional photography.

Vector art can be edited using certain software programs. Unlike photos, vector images are often 'resolution independent' and might be easier to incorporate into a presentation or other marketing material.

Become Familar with Vector Language

The field of vector graphics is changing daily. New programs and new ways to manipulate vector art images for individual uses become available. The following are some simple concepts you should become aware of as you enter the vector graphic world:

*Objects compose vector graphics and are defined by mathematical equations and not pixels, like photographs.

*All objects within a vector image have paths. These paths are essential for working with vector images to create interesting effects for the end user.

*Vector images are made up of a variety of nodes. These so-called nodes have different characteristics, such as symmetrical or smooth.

*Most graphic software offers the vector designer the use of both bezier and spline types of curves.

*In creating good vector art, compatability is key. With so many programs out there, you should investigate which files are compatible with a variety of programs. Do this first or you will lose valuable time creating vector art!

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