Vector Graphics: Start With a Great Photo

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How can I make my vector graphics better?

Vector Graphics: Start With a Great Photo

Are you tired of the vector graphics you've been turning out? Do you feel like something is missing? Are your final graphics boring you? It may be that the composition of your vector graphic is simply not good. Every vector graphic starts with a solid composition. You might want to consider starting the creation of your vector graphics by using a really great stock photo as a guide. You may be a great vector artist, but every vector graphic needs a good base, regardless of the content style. You might find a photo with great shape and form and that could be the missing link in your vector graphic. Keep in mind:

*Composition is the single most important element in vector graphics. So, study the subject and you'll be surprised at the results.

*Do not use a photo that is owned by someone else. Even if you change it greatly, you could be violating copyright laws. Use your own photo.



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