Know the Source of Your Presentation Photo

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Can I use any photo on the web for my presentation?

Know the Source of Your Presentation Photo

Great photos are everywhere. It's easy to find endless images of people, landscapes, food and business owners in action. But, don't be tempted to just download any photo you see on the web for your next presentation. Some photos can be copyright-protected by artists and using them could land you in trouble, or worse yet, with a lawsuit with a photographer or his or her agency representative.

These days, the sharing of photos has become so commonplace you might think it's always legal, but it's not. Therefore, the next time you decide to use a photo for a presentation, check the source and any legal rights the photographer might have to the photo. Better yet, visit the numerous royalty free stock photo sites where you'll have instant access to great shots you can use without worrying about royalty fees or infringement.



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