Amateur Photographers Can Earn Stock Income

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Can amateur photographers earn income selling stock photos?

Amateur Photographers Can Earn Stock Income

In recent years, many new stock photo websites have entered the stock photo market. Because of the advancement of camera equipment, amateur photographers can list their photos online, sometimes even for free. But what happens to that photo? And how much can a photography buff get paid? That all depends on how good the site is and how many times a particular image gets bought. Reputable stock photography sites pay about 10, 20 or 30 cents each time a photo gets purchased by someone visiting the site. That may not sound like much but many photographers, both amateur and professional alike, have discovered that these small fees can add up to big dollars over time. If you list your images with a stock photo website, you may find that photo appearing in a number of places including websites, annual reports, brochures and bill boards. Remember, each time an image is used, you'll earn some income, so listing your amateur shots online could prove to be a substantial income on the side.



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