Spend Time Registering on Stock Photo Sites

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How do I get started using stock photography sites?

Spend Time Registering on Stock Photo Sites

Good stock photo sites pride themselves on offering high-quality, high resolution photos for a nominal fee. They also boast that those who need to buy such images can do so quickly. The Internet has sped up the pace of business ten-fold, putting people who produce marketing materials under tight deadlines. The last thing you want to do is log on to a stock photography site and find out you need to spend time registering to use the site before you are eligible to buy photos. Most sites have some form of registration and the time it takes to complete them will vary from site to site. The best thing to do if you've decided to investigate buying photos online is to register with a few sites so that you won't lose precious time on a deadline. You may want to register with three to five such sites; that way you'll be able to quickly access another if one search isn't producing the images you want.



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