How Keyword Searches Work

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How do stock photo key word searches work?

How Keyword Searches Work

iStockphoto Tip: Before you embark on a stock photo search, it's helpful to understand some basic ideas about how stock sites search for the photos you want. Here are some tips that will help you navigate stock photo sites, like

*Stock sites will search for all images related to your key word. Some sites will look not only for the exact match, but also for variations on root words. Using some variations on the root word may help your search. For example, suffixes like es, s, ed, and ing. If your intial search does not turn up what you want, adding these options may help greatly.

*Be aware that some words can have different meanings. For example, a bowler can be someone throwing a ball at pins or a hat your grandfather used to wear. When this happens a stock photo site may offer some options for you to choose from to narrow your search. Keep in mind varying meanings of words as you search and you will likely be more successful at finding what you want. Typically, the site will ask questions or prompt you to help narrow down the search.

*Many sites have "customer service" options. You may be able to email a company representative with your specific issue and obtain advice for your keyword search.



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