Finding a Free Blog Photo

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How do I find a free blog photo?

Finding a Free Blog Photo

If you are getting bored with your blog you might try adding photos. Combining great shots with your personal writing may give you and your readers a new creative spark. Stock photos, many of which are taken by professional photographers, are available for free. If you want to find a free blog photo for your personal blog, follow these steps:

*Conduct a basic internet search. Use these key words: free stock photography, free photos or royalty-free stock photos.

*Choose one or two websites to explore initally. Once you get familiar with stock photography, you'll be able to return to the sites you like best and visit new ones.

*Read all the tip information that a particular site offers for those downloading free images. You may have to follow registration steps before you are eligible to obtain a free blog photo.

*Once you understand the basics of stock photography sites, you are ready to start looking at photos. Be sure to also familiarize yourself with the unique search engines of each stock site. Sites, like, make tips and suggestions available for narrowing your search and making it faster.



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