Creative Ideas for Your Blog Pictures

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What are some creative ways to use blog photos?

Creative Ideas for Your Blog Pictures

It used to be that stock photography was only available to professional marketing and graphic design firms. But, since computer technology is so advanced, now anyone anywhere can obtain a quality stock photo. So you can make your blog stand out and make it look more professional.

Use your imagination when adding photos to your blog:

*Find three different angles of the same shot and place them next to each other. This is called a triptych.

*If you use people photos in your blog, find shots where the subject is not staring directly into the camera. This makes the viewer wonder more about that photo and what the subject is thinking.

*If you use nature shots, one of the most popular types of stock photos, find one that has a different perspective than you are used to seeing. For example, a close up of an interesting leaf or a shot looking straight up from the ground at a landscape.

*Use free stock photography sites to find photos that have a theme or a color scheme. You might even create your own blog design by just perusing what is out there. It's easy to have fun with blog pictures.



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