Searching For Free Photos

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How do I search for free photos?

Searching For Free Photos

Because high-quality camera equipment is now so easy to use and affordable to own, there has been a virtual explosion of free stock photos available right on your home computer. Just search under free stock photography and you'll be amazed at how many options you have.

However, knowing a few simple ideas about searching the web for free photos will help you save lots of time, and likely, lots of frustration.

For example, let's say you like pictures of equipment. If you search under just that one word, you might get 500 photos to look at! Instead, narrow the search to "farm equipment" or "construction equipment" and you won't be as overwhelmed by too many choices.

Or, you could narrow your search even further by using these key words: "farm equipment NOT tractors." This will yield a search of all types of farm equipment, except tractors.

If you want to see photos of a snowfall at sunset, use these words: "sunset AND snowfall." Otherwise you'll have to search through all the sunsets and all the snowfall pictures to get the one you need.

If it doesn't matter when you get a water picture of a river or an ocean, use this search strategy: "river OR ocean."

By following these simple tips, you will lessen the time you spend finding photos and increase the time you spend using them. Additionally, always locate the individual search tips on a given site before you begin.



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