Picking the Right Free Photo

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how to I choose the right free photo?

Picking the Right Free Photo

Before you begin downloading free photos from your favorite stock photography site, you should consider just how powerful a photo can be. Photos convey not just a definable object such as a tree, house, car or telephone. They also convey feelings, concepts and abstract information to the veiwer.

If you are attracted to a particular photo, it means that camera shot caused you to feel some emotion --happy, sad, surprised, perplexed. So, you should consider what type of feeling you want to convey in your published material before you choose a photo. Then, start looking more closely at particular photos that convey that feeling or concept.

Additionally, you should pay attention to any objects in the background which may convey a different idea or feeling that you want. Once a person is drawn into a photo, they absentmindedly also take in the background. Generally speaking, the less background objects in a photo, the better.

Also, before you download a shot, think about how its impact could change if you need to enlarge, reduce or crop it. These simple edits to free photos can drastically change their overall quality and impact.



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