Stock Photograpy Prices

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How much do stock photos cost?

Stock Photograpy Prices

If you are someone considering buying or selling stock photography, you might be wondering just how prices are set for such photos. In recent years, many stock sites have begun to offer royalty free CD-roms full of photos for rock bottom prices. Other shots, represented by agencies and agents might sell for unbelievably high price points. So, what is the difference?

Famous photographers will always be able to place high prices on their photos and get more money from discriminating buyers. Depending on the stock deal at hand, very strict fields-of-use may be in place or there may be virtually no restrictions on how often a photo is used. In general, stock photography deals are based on:

*The exact use of the photo, including the number of times it's used.

*Where it's used.

*The geographic market in which it is used.

*The duration it is used.

Additionally, if you are buying a stock photo for a client, helping them to create a specific brand or image in the marketplace, you'll want strict requirements on that photo because you're client certainly wouldn't want to see that image used by another company or competitor. But, if you plan to use the image for a short duration and a less critical field-of-use, buying an inexpensive shot will save you money and time in the long run.



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