Taking Good Flash Images

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How do I take better flash images

Taking Good Flash Images

Most people have suffered the disappointment when getting back pictures that have the dreaded red-eye effect or that awful halo that ruins the entire shot. If you want to move into selling your stock photos online, you'll need to study flash images thoroughly. Here are a few tips to improve your flash photography skills:

*The built-in flash on most cameras simply isn't good enough to take saleable pictures. Both its size and placement are simply not adequate.

*To take better pictures for your portfolio, you'll need to invest in a quality external flash unit. Monolights are a common choice for studio photographers and are within affordable price ranges. Portable flash units are also versatile products for the price.

*The most important features to look for when buying a good external flash are exposure compensation and some manual control. Another useful feature is remote trigger capability.

*If you want to sell your stock photos online, you'll need to produce images that are free of the common problems in shots taken by amateurs with little flash experience and substandard equipment.



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