Computers Improve Flash Images

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How do I take better flash images with my camera?

Computers Improve Flash Images

Taking a photo that requires a flash is often the most challenging shot, whether indoors or out -- even if the photographer is a professional. Photographers have very sophisticated flash equipment these days and yet, getting just the right light exposure can still elude the most careful photographer.

Did you know that digital photography advancements have allowed professional and amateur photo buffs the opportunity to enhance or fix common problems associated with light exposure and flash images?

One such technology allows the photographer to take two different photos of the same object or scene, one with a flash and one without, then combine the best features of each for the finished product.

Once the technology is applied, one can capture detail and ambient qualities with two separate shots, then combine them along with fixing white balance and color tone. By using this technology, one can create a final product that is better than either of the two original shots.



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