Flash Technology and a New Generation of Learners

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How is flash technology being used in education?

Flash Technology and a New Generation of Learners

If you fall into the baby boomer category, you remember learning the old-fashioned way: a chalkboard, textbook and no computer. Since kids today are born into the constantly-changing high-tech world of digital photography, animated images on cell phones and a computer at every desk, librarians and teachers are finding that this new generation of learners respond better to interactive scripting and other types flash technology.

To get a child's attention, you have to combine all the types of creative imaging there are. Fortunately, it is getting easier and easier for the average person to use these types of messages, often called flash files so teachers can introduce them into the classroom fairly quickly.

Over the past several years, flash-based teaching aids have become much more sophsticated so educators can supply their students with engaging, technology-rich environments every day. Some of these educational materials are even offered for free or at very low cost over the Internet.

Teachers and educators no longer need to dread the flash icon. In fact, BrainPOP was one of the first websites to produce animated educational movies for K-12 students and now 25 percent of school districts subscribe to this service.

If you are an educator, you should explore the Internet and flash files to find new and exciting ways to keep your students interested in learning.



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