Nature Stock Photos Are Popular

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How should I choose the best nature stock photo?

Nature Stock Photos Are Popular

Besides shots of people in many different situations, like at weddings or gardening or on skiis, nature photography is also popular. A great nature stock shot might add depth to your presentation page or an inspiring message in a newsletter you send to employees.

However, great nature shots are everywhere and can seem bland if they are too common. Choose nature shots that have these characteristics and they might have more impact on your target audience:

*A close-up of an interesting leaf that shows off both its surface and shape.

*A shot that features contrasting textures, like the bark of a tree against snow or a jagged rock that can be seen beneath calm water.

Or, you might want to enhance a nature shot for your own purposes by using a software program like Photoshop.

Finally, when you search for nature photos, narrow your search to:

*Snowfalls NOT people, if you want just nature.

*Mountains AND wildlife, if you also want an animal in the nature shot.

*Sunsets NOT oceans, if you want a sunset that does not have a water background.



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