Take Stock Photos on Vacation

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Take Stock Photos on Vacation

iStockphoto Tip: When you travel, it's a great opportunity to shoot some stock photography, if for no other reason than for once you're not stuck dealing with the rigors of day-to-day life and can relax and play a bit.

When you're visiting the typical tourist attractions at your destination, bear in mind that lots of other people have taken photos of those same landmarks. Push yourself to either find a new, unique approach to capturing the subject, or simply pass it up altogether and seek out other interesting subjects that the rest of the camera-wielding vacationers may be overlooking.

One common error in shooting stock photography on vacation is the dreaded midday sun. Sure, you're on vacation, you want to sleep in, have a leisurely breakfast, and roll out around 11 a.m. Unfortunately, that's right when the sun is making the worst possible light. Now, you shouldn't schedule your entire vacation around shooting stock photographs, but if you can swing getting up at dawn one or two days, or be ready to shoot in the early evening sun, your shots will stand a better chance of being accepted, and have a better chance of getting purchased.



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