Buying Online Stock Photos

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Buying Online Stock Photos

iStockphoto Tip: Once you begin to buy images online at sites like, you'll be amazed at the selection. Stock photos exist of nearly everything and every activity. You'll be able to buy images online of families playing at the beach, a bowl of strawberries, a race car driver or a dish of ice cream! But, it's critical, when you shop for photos online that you consider the fact that you may need to crop the photo to suit your use. For example, you may find a beautiful scene of sweeping clouds across the plains. But, what will happen when you cut that photo down to the size you need? It is likely to lose some of its wonderful qualities. Also, if you see a photo of a face you like, consider what may happen to the image resolution when you enlarge the picture for your use. It may become grainy and unattractive. These are important things to consider when you buy images.



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