Research Before You Join a Stock Photography Website

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Research Before You Join a Stock Photography Website

iStockphoto Tip: Some people may mistakenly think that selling stock photography will be easy money. Lots of photographers are good at taking pictures of their kids and family. But, that doesn't mean a typical snapshot -- even if it's a cute image -- has stock photography potential. Here are some tips for taking people photos that have potential to be sold as stock shots: *Get the light right. You may have taken a great indoor shot of a young child with an interesting expression, but if you used an on-camera flash you might have lost the natural, warm light spilling through the window in the late afternoon. You may also have shots that have too many or too dark shadows. Even if the expression is cute, without the right light contrast, the photo is not likely to be accepted as stock. *Choose an interesting background. An example here is a long, winding staircase. This background image draws the viewer in and keeps the eye's attention. *Get a close up. The best people photos are those that make the viewer wonder, "What is that person up to?"



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