Consider a Fine Art Print for Your Presentation

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Consider a Fine Art Print for Your Presentation

iStockphoto Tip: If you'd prefer to skip the fine art, consider contrasting a stock photo in your PowerPoint presentation. With the advent of easy-to-use graphic design programs, many people in business choose to write their own presentations, rather than hiring a professional to do it. This may save countless dollars in your ad budget and get you noticed within your company as someone willing to take on a challenge and be versatile. There are literally millions of photos and images you can use to illustrate a point in your presentation. But, often the ones most easily found and those that are less expensive may seem mundane when you want to drive home your point with an image. Let's face it: Just how exciting is the same old picture or graphic of someone at a laptop? When you want to drive home a key concept in your presentation, use the same PowerPoint images in such a way to contrast the point. For example, to illustrate how big an idea is, you can use the same image in a much smaller scale and the idea is immediately memorable to the audience. If you saw a grandiose picture of a house and, next to it, one that is very tiny, what would that say to you about the presenter's idea? Contrasting images are a more unique way to get your presentation noticed and to lock in your audience.



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