Sell Your Web Graphics Online

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Sell Your Web Graphics Online

iStockphoto Tip: In order to make the most money from your web graphics, you should keep these strategies in mind: *Search stock sites first and see which types of web graphics are selling the most. Also, find out which sites offer the most customer service support to new artists. *Research copyright law, as well as licensing agreements as they apply to the web graphics market. Many stock sites have online chat rooms and you should also visit those and ask lots of questions. *Read trade magazines to discover information on web graphic stock deals. They are likely to be the best place to obtain great information on avoiding bad deals. *Use a number of marketing tools – web pages, email announcements, or press releases - to attract new business to the site which hosts your images. *Create good relationships with the sites you've chosen. Relationship marketing is a new buzz word and it works, so use it whenever you can. *Be prepared for some trial and error. You are likely to make mistakes when you first start to sell online. Be patient and learn from errors, understanding that it will take some time to capitalize on this emerging market for your creative work.



2/18/2012 5:42:08 PM said:

You bring a good point up that people fail to follow, Relationship marketing is one of the most important sell all graphs.


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