Finding Culturally-Diverse People Pictures

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Finding Culturally-Diverse People Pictures

iStockphoto Tip: There are some other things to keep in mind when searching people pictures in an stock photo search engine. Below are some ideas: *If you search under Indian people pictures, you might find both Native Americans, as well as images of people from the country of India. So, take a minute to think through your search word before you use it and you'll save valuable time. *If you search for African-American stock photos, you are likely to get a wide variety of people pictures. So, you could narrow your search like this: African-American people AND business owners or African-American photos NOT adults (if you want photos of children). *In general, close-ups of people work best and create a stronger connection for the target audience. Choose photos that do not resemble typical people or a family snapshot. Additionally, make sure the emotion elicited from the photo matches how you want viewers to feel when they see the stock photo.



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