Options For Buying Royalty Free Photos

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How do I access royalty free photos?

Options For Buying Royalty Free Photos

Royalty free stock photos -- a relatively new way to buy images for a nominal fee -- has significantly changed the stock photography landscape. More images than ever before are available to professionals and amateur designers. There are a few ways that royalty free photos can be purchased:

*Some vendors have their stock photo collections on a CD-rom they sell to users. This is a convenient way to view many photos. Once a selection is made, that photo in high resolution form, can be sent to the buyer. Sometimes a special password is used.

*Some vendors choose to have websites that feature all available photos. This is an easy way to see photos, but since there are literally millions of images to be viewed, it may not always be the fastest. But, once an image is chosen, the download and use of it can take a mere few minutes.

*Some companies offer royalty free unlimited use CD-roms for customers. These may cost more upfront, but it gives you the chance to to continue using images without having to work through that particular supplier again.



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