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Free Flash Animations

Stock photo companies, who sell large collections of photos online, are branching into free flash animations, as well. To learn what is available in this new area of computer technology, you can do a simple search with these key words: *Download flash animations *Free flash art, or *Online flash movies You might be tempted to just use this new technology to have fun sending emails to your friends. But, consider these options, too: *Send a potential employer an animated thank-you; you are sure to stand out. *Recommend to your boss that your company utilize flash animations to create a new form of annual report. *Create your own animated newsletter instead of sticking to the old standards of print or electronic forms.

How do I use flash files to build a slideshow?

Build Your Own Slideshow with Flash Files

Unlike Photoshop or Illustrator, Flash is an umbrella technology that allows users to include as many creative elements as they want into a particular file. This includes vector images and artwork, sound and photos.

One example is the creation of a slideshow that can be output to an SWF file. You can use flash technology to create a mock video effect. If you use Flash 8 and a sequence of photographs in which each image is slightly different than the previous one, you can make the images appear like the camera is rolling.

To create such an effect, make sure all your images are the same dimensions and are saved at 72 dpi. Image formats can include GIF, JPEG, PICT, PNG, Photoshop and TIFF.

How is flash technology being used in education?

Flash Technology and a New Generation of Learners

If you fall into the baby boomer category, you remember learning the old-fashioned way: a chalkboard, textbook and no computer. Since kids today are born into the constantly-changing high-tech world of digital photography, animated images on cell phones and a computer at every desk, librarians and teachers are finding that this new generation of learners respond better to interactive scripting and other types flash technology.

To get a child's attention, you have to combine all the types of creative imaging there are. Fortunately, it is getting easier and easier for the average person to use these types of messages, often called flash files so teachers can introduce them into the classroom fairly quickly.

Over the past several years, flash-based teaching aids have become much more sophsticated so educators can supply their students with engaging, technology-rich environments every day. Some of these educational materials are even offered for free or at very low cost over the Internet.

Teachers and educators no longer need to dread the flash icon. In fact, BrainPOP was one of the first websites to produce animated educational movies for K-12 students and now 25 percent of school districts subscribe to this service.

If you are an educator, you should explore the Internet and flash files to find new and exciting ways to keep your students interested in learning.

How do I take better flash images with my camera?

Computers Improve Flash Images

Taking a photo that requires a flash is often the most challenging shot, whether indoors or out -- even if the photographer is a professional. Photographers have very sophisticated flash equipment these days and yet, getting just the right light exposure can still elude the most careful photographer.

Did you know that digital photography advancements have allowed professional and amateur photo buffs the opportunity to enhance or fix common problems associated with light exposure and flash images?

One such technology allows the photographer to take two different photos of the same object or scene, one with a flash and one without, then combine the best features of each for the finished product.

Once the technology is applied, one can capture detail and ambient qualities with two separate shots, then combine them along with fixing white balance and color tone. By using this technology, one can create a final product that is better than either of the two original shots.

What is flash animation?

Free Flash Animations Online

Now that computers can file large volumes of data, it has become easier to create animated and multi-media productions, even on a home-based system. This so-called flash technology has become so advanced, that you can even find funny and serious flash animations online that you can download for free to your own system.

Greeting card companies now offer these types of images so customers can create their own animated film card, sending it out via email to family and friends.

What is a flash movie?

New Computer Technology Allows for Flash Movies

The next time you walk into a movie theatre and see a movie, you shouldn't be surprised to learn that the water images in a storm on the ocean are created by a computer and advanced flash technology. Also, the numerous movies that now mix both real images and animated ones are often created by that same, emerging technology.

A flash file allows a creative team to produce movies that run through computer files and use the best of a few different creative worlds: photography, graphic design and vector images, as well as film clips and animated images. Computer technology continues to grow and, especially in the last several years, flash-based projects are more common and easier to create.

How do I take better flash images

Taking Good Flash Images

Most people have suffered the disappointment when getting back pictures that have the dreaded red-eye effect or that awful halo that ruins the entire shot. If you want to move into selling your stock photos online, you'll need to study flash images thoroughly. Here are a few tips to improve your flash photography skills:

*The built-in flash on most cameras simply isn't good enough to take saleable pictures. Both its size and placement are simply not adequate.

*To take better pictures for your portfolio, you'll need to invest in a quality external flash unit. Monolights are a common choice for studio photographers and are within affordable price ranges. Portable flash units are also versatile products for the price.

*The most important features to look for when buying a good external flash are exposure compensation and some manual control. Another useful feature is remote trigger capability.

*If you want to sell your stock photos online, you'll need to produce images that are free of the common problems in shots taken by amateurs with little flash experience and substandard equipment.

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