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Stock Photos for Blogs

One way to enhance your blog is by adding photos and other images. You might love pictures as much as words, but you may not have the time or talent to add a to your personal writing. Did you know that you can find countless photos -- taken by professional photographers -- for free on the Internet? These types of photos are known as stock photography. That means the photos are available for use by a wide audience. Some stock photography is licensed and cannot be used without a royalty fee. You should avoid this type of photography for your blog photo as it can be expensive and more time-consuming to download. Photographers take lots of pictures and one way to get them in front of an audience is to offer some of them for free. This gives a photographer exposure. Because of this, you'll have no trouble finding a free blog photo.

What are some creative ways to use blog photos?

Creative Ideas for Your Blog Pictures

It used to be that stock photography was only available to professional marketing and graphic design firms. But, since computer technology is so advanced, now anyone anywhere can obtain a quality stock photo. So you can make your blog stand out and make it look more professional.

Use your imagination when adding photos to your blog:

*Find three different angles of the same shot and place them next to each other. This is called a triptych.

*If you use people photos in your blog, find shots where the subject is not staring directly into the camera. This makes the viewer wonder more about that photo and what the subject is thinking.

*If you use nature shots, one of the most popular types of stock photos, find one that has a different perspective than you are used to seeing. For example, a close up of an interesting leaf or a shot looking straight up from the ground at a landscape.

*Use free stock photography sites to find photos that have a theme or a color scheme. You might even create your own blog design by just perusing what is out there. It's easy to have fun with blog pictures.


Web Graphics For Blogs

Many people have discovered how fun it can be to peruse stock photography websites. They are not only full of interesting and professional camera shots, but many of those shots can be used mulitple times and multiple ways, all for free. But, another way to enhance your blog besides a professional photo is by downloading a free web graphic. Many stock photography sites, such as, have begun to offer free web graphics in addition to photos. You might even decide to combine a free photo with a free web graphic. Some stock sites will offer advice on how best to use their works in your blog so always take advantage of this information when it's offered. With so many web graphics out there, you could find a new one for every day of the week so your blog readers will never get bored. They might even make a note to visit your blog just to see what new photos and images you've recently posted.

Are professional graphic designers the only ones who can alter or stylize photos?

Use Computer Programs to Enhance Blog Photos and Images

It used to be that only professional photographers and graphic designers could take a photo or other image and enhance it creatively. But, with the advent of so many new, easy-to-use software programs, just about anyone can digitize or stylize a photo or image to make it their own creative work.

If you want the photos and other graphic images you use on your blog to be completely your own design, you should investigate how to graphically enhance or colorize them. Many experts believe that Photoshop is the best software program to use when digitally altering images.

But, an online search or a visit to your nearby software dealer might offer you even more ideas on how to learn some of the tricks graphic designers use to alter and enhance images. Even some websites, like, allow users to experiment with images this way.

Is it always legal to use a celebrity stock photo in my blog?

Be Careful with Celebrity Stock Photos

Once you familiarize yourself with the various stock photography sites that offer free photos for your blog, you might decide to add a celebrity picture to your blog. The ideas you come up with for your own blog photos are as endless as your imagination.

But, keep in mind that lots of photos are taken of celebrities and not all of them are legal to use. Even if you find a celebrity photo you like on a stock photography site, be certain that the photo is not encumbered with potential copyright violations, royalties or other legal technicalities.

By choosing stock photography sites that are reputable, you will be more assured that all the free blog photos you use are legal. But, keep in mind that often a model release must be obtained when taking photos of celebrities and even people who are not celebrities.

In the age of camera cell phones, you might think that any photo can be used at any time or for any use but that's simply not true so investigate usage rights before you download.

How do I find a free blog photo?

Finding a Free Blog Photo

If you are getting bored with your blog you might try adding photos. Combining great shots with your personal writing may give you and your readers a new creative spark. Stock photos, many of which are taken by professional photographers, are available for free. If you want to find a free blog photo for your personal blog, follow these steps:

*Conduct a basic internet search. Use these key words: free stock photography, free photos or royalty-free stock photos.

*Choose one or two websites to explore initally. Once you get familiar with stock photography, you'll be able to return to the sites you like best and visit new ones.

*Read all the tip information that a particular site offers for those downloading free images. You may have to follow registration steps before you are eligible to obtain a free blog photo.

*Once you understand the basics of stock photography sites, you are ready to start looking at photos. Be sure to also familiarize yourself with the unique search engines of each stock site. Sites, like, make tips and suggestions available for narrowing your search and making it faster.

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