Avoid Portrait-Style Shots for Presentations

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What kind of photos make the best presentation?

Avoid Portrait-Style Shots for Presentations

Let's face it: all our homes and offices are filled with our favorite portraits: shots of wedding days, school pictures and other events depicted through posed loved ones. These may make us feel good, but only because we can directly identify with the people in the photo. However, these types of shots are not the best people photos for presentations with punch. They appear unnatural and offer no insight into the mood of the subject. When choosing people photos for a presentation, pick:

*Shots that show interaction among the subjects as they will elicit more emotion and have a greater impact.

*Shots that feature people looking at something other then the camera lens. Again, these shots draw the eye in more and the viewer wonders about what the subject is thinking or feeling.

Remember, people shots that have impact are those that are unlike the shots people see every day in their normal routines, so don't be afraid to select something unusual for your presentation.



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