Rights Managed Stock Photography

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What is rights-managed photography

Rights Managed Stock Photography

Thanks to the Internet, lots of opportunities have opened up for savvy consumers to find photos online for a variety of personal and commercial uses. Some people jump at the chance to buy a stock photo online versus hiring a professional photographer to take a specific photo.

One type of photo you might find online is called a rights managed stock photo. These are most often of a very high quality and shot by a professional photographer who knows how to capture a compelling image. However, since professional know-how went into creating that image, you cannot use it without permission and paying a fee.

Some of the uses of rights managed photography include: advertisements, online newsletters, websites and multimedia presentations. These photos are purchased for a fee for a limited use. Rights managed stock photos differ from royalty-free photos in that royalty-free shots can often be used multiple times and for multiple uses.



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