Animal Stock Photography is Popular

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Why is animal stock photography so popular?

Animal Stock Photography is Popular

Animals are funny. Animals are majestic. Animals can be happy, sad, perplexed or surprised. Anyone who is a pet lover knows animals can make us feel a myriad of emotions. For this reason, animals are often a good choice in communication. If you are bored with looking at expression after expression in a collection of people stock photography, finding an animal -- especially a close-up -- may be an alternative.

Animals can communicate power, strength and determination. That's why Merrill Lynch uses a bull as its icon. But, animals can also convey softness, sympathy and hope. When choosing animal stock photography:

*Make sure the background is clear of any objects that are not part of the central message.

*Think of the emotion you want first, then search for specific animals that convey it. This way, you'll save time looking through the thousands of animal images that are out there.

*Look for photos that depict animals from a unique angle or perspective. Because animal shots are so popular, your image will have more impact if it truly stands out.



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