Be Critical of Your Stock Photography Shots

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Be Critical of Your Stock Photography Shots

iStockphoto Tip: So you're trying your hand at selling your vector art online. You've read all the books and tips there are for creating great vector images. You want to get some images out there online as quickly as possible so you can start earning cash. But, one rule of thumb when creating great vector images is to spend a little more time after you think you are done. Consider these ideas: *Programs like Illustrator are just a tool. It's the artistic mind that creates great vector images. Are there lines you haven't tried, something new and different to make the edges of the image pop? *Is there another idea you can find with the bezier tool? If you've avoided using it, re-consider. *Have you let your mind wander by drawing freehand for a bit? You might be surprised to discover some new spin on the image at hand. Always follow this rule of thumb: When you think your image is done, give it five more minutes!



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